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Customer Testimonials

DJ Wardwell, Operations Manager, Discovery Drilling Inc:

 “Over the years, we’ve lost count of the number of projects that the RSSI team has helped us successfully complete. We’ve come to rely on Dan’s extensive knowledge of remote Alaska, as well as his affinity for arranging the complicated logistics that come along with wilderness projects. It’s a regular occurrence for us to be tasked with a complicated remote project, and the collective management opinion at Discovery Drilling is always “We need to get Dan involved in this”.

Some of the Clients we work with



Alaska Gold

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

BHP Billiton

Cordova Electric Cooperative

Discovery Drilling Inc

Federal Aviation Administration

Golder Associates

Lockheed Martin

Millrock Resources

NANA Regional Corporation

Nova Gold Resources

Old Harbor Native Corporation


Pebble Limited Partnership

R&M Consultants

State of Alaska

US Forest Service

United States Geological Survey