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Avoid the High Cost of a Faulty Plan

Project cost overruns can quickly compound when remote projects start with a half-plan. In an instant, ill-conceived wilderness projects can generate costs that are two, three, and even ten times their original price. RSSI understands these client risks and develops a comprehensive, adaptable approach to keep project costs realistic and on target.  Decades of working in the wilderness has taught RSSI that exhaustive research and detailed planning is the ONLY route to a successful remote project. RSSI is available for turnkey projects or to consult on projects that clients want to perform in-house.

Our goal is to work closely with our clients to develop a detailed project plan before mobilization occurs.  It is imperative to implement and execute the right plan, as every remote project has specific elements that can create a variety of problems from blown budgets to workplace injuries.

Let the experts at RSSI put their decades of remote Alaska experience to work for you.