Remote Site Services Inc - Alaska's Remote Site Specialists


The Challenges of Remote Work in Alaska

Every wilderness project presents a unique set of challenges. A large part of many project budgets is getting there and back with everything required. The most efficient mobilization strategy often includes a blend of conveyances. RSSI has mobilized hundreds of projects to the Alaska bush by air, water, and road.


Sometimes it's who you Know...

Through decades of work in the Alaska bush, RSSI has made a wealth of long term contacts throughout the local logistics community. You avoid unnecessary costs and project delays by capitalizing on RSSI's extensive knowledge of providers, pilots, captains, aircraft, and barge capacities. We know the right people to call for efficient and cost effective logistical support.


Avoid Aircraft Overkill

Remote projects can quickly develop cost overruns due to the misallocation of aircraft time. RSSI has an extensive and ever evolving list of Alaska's best pilots and air carriers, both fixed and rotary wing, developed through projects mobilized to every corner of the state. We match your project with the right aircrafts and pilots to avoid expensive logistical inefficiencies and provide accurate flight time and fuel estimates.